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HR Management certification Bissau

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This HR Management course is right for you if you:



Who is studying psychology and wants to work in this field



Who wants to progress up the career ladder management.


HR Manager

Which develops not only the employees of the company, but also develop itself.



Who wants to become a recruiter and work remotely

How much can you earn as HR Manager:

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What to anticipate on the HR Supervisor course:


Practical homework

You right away sharpen the obtained data in sharpen. As of now on the HR courses online, you choose up the association imperative to work with the essential clients.


Practicing trainers

You learn from individuals with numerous a long time of experience who work with expansive companies, track patterns within the calling and sort information into an understandable calculation.


Training at a convenient time for you

The lessons are on the educational platform. You can customize your training according to your schedule.


Diploma or certificate

Upon completion of the training, you receive a diploma (in case of successful completion of all homeworks and passing the test). This will greatly increase your chances of successful employment.


Opportunity to learn from scratch

The course is profitable for both practicing HR Director and tenderfoots who tune in nearly this calling for the first time. You will be able start working after completing the course, without a doubt in the occasion simply don’t know anything nearly project management degrees online right now.

Personal mentor

You’re doled out a individual who leads you through training. The curator is ready to assist you on all issues – from the learning prepare to the investigation of the fabric itself. You are feeling upheld and get help in project management preparing online

What exactly you will learn?​









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2020 showed that business should be in social networks. Entrepreneurs have understood this, but there are few really cool HR managers on the market. So get into the hr certificate  online today.

Yes. The first two blocks of the program are designed to give understanding and perspectives of the profession for a beginner. Experts with experience can structure their knowledge and fill in gaps.

The lectures are recorded and will be available throughout the year. You can come back and review at any time if you forgot something. Thats very convenient way to get hr degrees online.

Yes, the course will help to completely pump and structure knowledge. You get knowledge from top speakers, which you can immediately apply in your practice.

Lectures in recording and Live format will be held 2 times a week in the evening. The duration of the course is 2.5 months.

Homework and a test are provided for each topic of the course. Upon completion of the course, a thesis.

No, only having completed perfectly 80% of the tasks, you receive a Diploma of successful completion of the course. If you do less, can retake the final exam. If you fail – you do not receive the best hr certification online

A HR Manager is exactly the profession in which after the course you can immediately start working, you do not need any additional courses or wait for some time. If you successfully complete all the practical of human resources degrees online, then the result will be in 2 months and by the end of the course you will be able to find your first client.

You get access for exactly one year. This time is definitely enough to complete all the lessons of online hr courses with certificates.

The hr management certificate online confirms your level of a highly qualified specialist. That means that you have passed top courses for hr professionals. And gives you possibility to be in our list of professionals. This can guarantee you a long list of clients.

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💡 Lesson 1. Who is an HR manager and what should he know and be able to do?

  • Basic HR features
  • How to understand that you are a good HR
  • Correct compilation of the KPI
  • Competences and communication skills HR
  • Resource management
  • Key Factors for Effective Resource Management

💡 Lesson 2. HR for business

  • How to understand that you need HR
  • Which HR profile should you start with?
  • Features of different subspecies of the company – IT companies, production company
  • Cases on the example of different countries
💡 Lesson 3. Specialist HR Trait Levels: features and differences
  • HR Specialist Levels
  • Types of KPI for each position

💥 As a result:

You understand who an HR manager is, what  functions HR specialist performs, and what are the KPIs for each position. And also – get acquainted with the typology of the profession in the HR direction and know to what level you can grow in this area

💡 Lesson 4. Stages of preparing the search for the right candidates – the basics of recruiting

  • What is recruiting – stages and tasks
  • Where does a recruiter work?
  • Customer briefing
  • Passive and active candidate search
  • Candidate Search Map
  • Candidate selection and interview stage
  • What is a job offer

💡 Lesson 5. Hiring stages – from interview to job offer

  • 15 steps for an effective interview
  • Conducting an interview
  • Phone interview
  • HR interview
  • Job offer
  • Counter offer

💡 Lesson 6. Head Hunting. Types and methods of successful hunting

  • Hunting Success: Headhunting, Executive search
  • ATS recruiting system
  • Recruiting metrics – time and cost of closing a vacancy
  • Recruiting metrics – why is it needed at all and how to calculate it?

💡 Lesson 7. Methods and tools for evaluating a candidate during an interview

  • Overview of Applicant Assessment Methods
  • The essence and difference between assessment tools
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the most popular assessment methods
  • Assessment Systems Architecture – Principles

💥 As a result:

You will master the full technology of recruitment in the company. Learn to search for candidates,  conduct selection and interviews, also – correctly evaluate candidates and make a job offer.

💡 Lesson 8. Employee onboarding: onboarding / offboarding

  • Who looks after whom during the probationary period
  • How to make onboarding enjoyable, fast and interesting for a beginner
  • Onboarding steps with step by step instructions
  • Why everyone forgets about offboarding and why it is important

💡 Lesson 9. Career ladder – where to start creating and why is it needed?

  • Why career ladders are needed
  • Where to start when creating a career ladder
  • Parsing an example of a career ladder

💡 Lesson 10. The path of an employee in the company – probationary period, adaptation, goals and objectives

  • Probation period or who is testing whom?
  • Program, goals and adaptation during the trial period
  • Goals vs Objectives – What’s the difference? How to set goals correctly – SMART methodology
  • How to evaluate employee performance
  • What is evaluation?
  • Cooperation with other departments

💥 As a result:

You will understand how to work with a person from the moment of hiring to the moment of dismissal. Learn how to properly adapt specialists to the team,  set goals for the employee for the period of adaptation in the company and evaluate their effectiveness.

💡 Lesson 11. Modern system of employee motivation – Total Rewards

  • Total Rewards System – components and features
  • Material and non-material motivation
  • Compensation, package
    Benefits and motivational perks
  • How to avoid employee burnout
  • How to find work-life balance
  • Examples of Total Rewords in IT companies

💡 Lesson 12. Non-material motivation – gifts, corporate events, team building

  • Non-material motivation of staff – what is it?
  • Staff motivation in the context of the theory of generations
  • Baby Boomers – Generation X,Y,Z
  • Popular methods of non-material motivation of personnel
  • Personal public praise. Career development and future prospects,  training,  mentoring. Congratulations on significant dates
  • Maintaining the corporate spirit – team building, corporate events, holidays
  • Comfort and atmosphere in the company
  • Flexible schedule. Extra days off
  • Original ways of non-material motivation of personnel

💥 As a result:

You will learn how to create a system of motivation for the team. Find out what examples of motivation systems exist and learn how to create a motivation system suitable for the team based on the theory of generations

💡 Lesson 13. Talent development within the company

  • Talent development in the company
  • When to start such a process, its main stages and goals
  • About key employees and how to find them

💡 Lesson 14. An individual employee development plan – what is it, how to implement in a company and why

  • What is an individual employee development plan
  • How to work with such a tool
  • How to implement IDP in a company for the effective work of an employee

💡 Lesson 15. How to build a system of internal staff rotation so that it works for business and not just for show

  • What is a personnel reserve
  • When is it worth forming a personnel reserve in a company?
  • What tools can be used to develop talent in the company

💡 Lesson 16. Company training policy

  • How to form a training policy in a company
  • Why is it important for a company to create a culture of development?
  • What tools can be used to develop talent in the company?

💥 As a result:

You will understand how to work with the personnel development system, learn how to turn a novice or mediocre employee into a strong player who is hunted by big brands

💡 Lesson 17. How to develop the HR brand in the company

  • What is an XP brand and why does a company need it?
  • Features of building an XP brand
  • 5 questions you need to know the answers to
  • Mistakes in building HR brand
  • Corporate culture and why it matters
  • Company values. How to work with them?
  • Reviews about the company. Where to track and is it worth it?

💡 Lesson 18. Employee Value Proposition: development and implementation

  • EVP and why we need it?
  • Rating of significant factors of EVP
  • EVP Key Messages
  • Check list to create EVP
  • EVP Examples

💡 Lesson 18. Corporate culture

  • What is corporate culture and why is it important?
  • Company values

💥 As a result:

You will learn all the subtleties and rules of an HR brand in a company. Learn how to create a large corporate culture based on the technologies of such giants as Google, Apple, Meta.

💡 Lesson 20. Metaprograms in the work of an HR manager

  • Typology and individual characteristics of employees
  • Who uses metaprograms at work
  • Why are metaprograms useful?

💡 Lesson 21. Situational leadership and employee maturity levels

  • 4 stages of employee competence
  • 4 leadership styles

💡 Lesson 22. Psychotypes of employees

  • How to speak the same language with the team
  • Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
  • Hall technique

💡 Lesson 23. System approach in personnel management

  • The First 10 Steps to Reshaping Your Corporate Culture
  • Functions of corporate culture

💥 As a result:

You will learn to understand all the intricacies of interaction in a team and also learn how knowledge of the basics of psychology helps an HR manager in building and managing a team.