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Propose Your Company as Course Project

Practice is one of the pillars of XLearner. We believe that through practice a person gets the most valuable experience.

The most important part of each course is real projects. Students receive a real-world task, complete it, and present it to the customer.

This allows:

the client โ€” to receive a high-quality solution to his task or a set of fresh ideas (free of charge);
the student โ€” to practice on real interesting cases.

To propose your project, please fill out a small form.

1. What tasks are we looking for?

The task must be real and necessary for the client.
The task should be interesting and meaningful for students.
The task must correspond to the educational tasks of the course.
Decisions must have a chance to be implemented – we expect successful decisions to be implemented.

2. What projects are students doing?

The school offers more than 60 programs in several key areas.

Interfaces. Web design, development of prototypes and site architecture, web service or mobile application analytics, mobile application design, development of complex product interfaces.
Graphic design. Development of corporate style or individual elements of visual communication (posters, book covers, posters, etc.), illustrations, short animations.
Marketing. Product marketing strategy, SEO promotion plan, design of new services or elimination of service gaps in existing ones.
CG & Animation. Creation of art, development of heroes and objects for games and animated films. Creation of short animated videos.
Dev&Data Science. NLP (natural language processing), data visualization, application architecture (React.js), junior Python projects, QA (mobile and web testing).

3. How the interaction takes place

Filling out the brief. We hand over all the briefs to the curators and they determine what tasks the students of the course will work on.
Online meeting with curators. As a rule, we hold a meeting between the curator and the client for the internal formulation of the task and clarification of all details.
Students’ briefing. A briefing is an online meeting between the client and students. The task of the briefing: to give maximum information about the project and interest students. It is important that the tasks are set by a representative of the project who has full information and will then conduct communication with students and accept final works.
Work on the project. This period takes 3-5 weeks depending on the course.
Presentation of works. This is an online presentation in which students demonstrate and defend the works approved by the curator before the client.
After the presentation, we ask the client to give honest but constructive feedback about the projects.
Announcement of results. After the presentation, we hand over all works to the client for a more detailed study and expect the announcement of the winner (within 1-2 weeks after the presentation). We do not oblige the client to implement the received works, but in any case we ask you to inform us about your decision.
Realization. The client can freely dispose of the received ideas. If the project requires revision or the customer wants to redo some solutions, we will pass on the author’s contacts to agree on the continuation of the work.
Publication. We will be glad if, after the implementation of the project, you share your impressions of cooperation with the school and publish the results of the work with the author’s name. Students can also publish their project work and add it to their portfolio (non-disclosure terms are discussed separately).

4. Budget

We do not take money for work within the framework of educational projects. It’s great if school and good projects can be useful to each other.
We welcome the client’s thanks to the authors of the best works.
If the task requires additional resources (contractors, equipment, materials or a budget for campaign testing), this budget is provided by the customer upon prior approval.

If you have read up to this point and want to propose a task to students, please fill out a small form.

We will be happy to review your project and contact you to discuss the details ๐Ÿ™‚

And of course, with any questions and suggestions, write to us at hi@xlearner.io