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This Project Management course in Seattle is right for you if you:


Want to learn a new profession

PM – needed everywhere and always. This profession can open the way for you both in the IT field and in other interesting areas. So learn project management certification online in Seattle, Washington today.


Talent manager and account manager, highly specialized PM

It’s time to broaden your horizons. Working with a single profile for an extended period won’t impress anyone. Boost your marketability by developing cross-functional skills and earning a certificate in project management in Seattle, Washington.


Entrepreneur or startup founder

Do you constantly strive to enhance yourself and your team? Acquiring system knowledge in project management is essential to comprehend your company’s potential and identify the right outsourcing partners. Our project management degrees online in Seattle provide a solution for you.

How much can you earn as Project Manager in Seattle:

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What to expect on the Project Management course in Seattle:


Practical homework

You immediately hone the acquired knowledge in practice. Already on the course, you gain the experience necessary to work with the first clients.


Practicing trainers

You learn from people with many years of experience who work with large companies, track trends in the profession and sort knowledge into an understandable algorithm.


Training at a convenient time for you

The lessons are on the educational platform. You can customize your training according to your schedule.


Diploma or certificate

Upon completion of the training, you receive a diploma (in case of successful completion of all homeworks and passing the test). This will greatly increase your chances of successful employment.


Opportunity to learn from scratch

The course is beneficial for both experienced PM Managers and newcomers who are just learning about this profession. Even if you currently have no knowledge to become project manager in Seattle, completing the course can enable you to begin working in this field.


Personal mentor

You are assigned a person who leads you through training. The curator is ready to help you on all issues – from the learning process to the analysis of the material itself. You feel supported and get help in project management training online in Seattle.

What exactly you will learn?​









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Yes. The first two blocks of the program are designed to give understanding and perspectives of the profession for a beginner. Experts with experience can structure their knowledge and fill in gaps.

The lectures are recorded and will be available throughout the year. You can come back and review at any time if you forgot something.

Yes, the course will help to completely pump and structure knowledge. You get knowledge from top speakers, which you can immediately apply in your practice.

Lectures in recording and Live format will be held 2 times a week in the evening. The duration of the course is 2.5 months.

Homework and a test are provided for each topic of the course. Upon completion of the course, a thesis.

No, only having completed perfectly 80% of the tasks, you receive a Diploma of successful completion of the course. If you do less, can retake the final exam. If you fail – you do not receive a certificate.

A Project Manager is exactly the profession in which after the course you can immediately start working, you do not need any additional courses or wait for some time. If you successfully complete all the practical, then the result will be in 2 months and by the end of the course you will be able to find your first client.

You get access for exactly one year. This time is definitely enough to complete all the lessons.

The certificate confirms your level of a highly qualified specialist. And gives you possibility to be in our list of professionals. This can guarantee you a long list of clients.

Master the trend of highly paid digital profession from scratch



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💡 Lesson 1. Introduction to project management

  • What is a project and examples of successful projects
  • PMBOK Management
  • Main characteristics of projects
  • Main parameters, phases of the project life cycle

💡 Lesson 2. Areas of expertise in project management

  • Project structures: Integration management consists of management
  • Project content,  duration,  cost,  procurement,  quality and risk management
  • Artifacts
💡 Lesson 3. The role of the PM in the project and the project team
  • Who is PM and its functions
  • Formation of the project team and its role
  • Types of organizational structures. Project Human Resource Management
  • Talent management

💥 As a result:

Understanding the project life cycle for the work of the PM will help structure the work on projects and prepare everything in stages. Find out what documentation can be used and all the benefits of maintaining it. You will understand how important it is to have a good team and how to motivate specialists

💡 Lesson 4. Gathering Requirements

  • How to start collecting requirements
  • The composition of the team to participate in the collection of requirements
  • Key PM skills during the phase
  • The path from the first call with the client to the formed requirements

💡 Lesson 5. Preparation of project documentation

  • Composition of design documentation – artifacts
  • Definition of concepts Use case, User Story, WBS, Wireframes and others
  • Structuring project documentation
  • Project evaluation

💥 As a result:

Gathering requirements is one of the main documents that will help bring the project to a result. Understanding who from the team will be able to help you on this step will make the work on the project more productive for all parties. Find out what documents are included in the project documentation

💡 Lesson 6. Project start. How to evaluate and analyze

  • Project start
  • Gathering Requirements
  • Macro and micro environment analysis

💡 Lesson 7. Project plan – why, how, what methodology?

  • Project phases
  • What is a plan for?
  • Project decomposition

💡 Lesson 8. Planning software

  • How to choose a tool / software
  • The principle of operation of all online tools
  • Smartsheet / Excel / Google Spreadsheet
  • Trello , Asana, Monday, Jira and other tools

💥 As a result:

You will be able to analyze and identify the internal strengths and weaknesses of the project and evaluate external opportunities and threats. You will learn how to make a project plan and work with it. As well as tools for working with the project.

💡 Lesson 9. Project Management Methodology

  • Different project management methodologies
  • What is the difference
  • Waterfall – The basis of project management
  • Agile development methodologies
  • Agile
    How to decide which methodology to choose
  • Practical Cases of Applying Waterfall and Agile Methodology

💡 Lesson 10. Control cost

  • Every PM on the project sooner or later has a question about invoices, payments
  • How to manage billing, expenses, income? Is it all necessary for PM?
  • How the price of resources in IT is formed
  • How is the financial evaluation of the project
  • Why and how a manager affects the company’s income
  • How to manage development cost

💡 Lesson 11. Project progress

  • Working with baselines, project critical path
  • Analysis of deviations in the project
  • Forecasting the achievement of project goals
  • Working with tasks and resources
  • Reporting in the project, monitoring and control

💡 Lesson 12. Risk and change management

  • Practical tools for identifying and assessing project risks
  • Creation and implementation of a risk management strategy
  • Working with changes in the project, creating a management plan

💥 As a result:

You will learn how to work with finance, how to budget and allocate it correctly. Learn how to monitor a project and  how to properly prepare a status report. Learn to keep the risk list and project plan up to date. Learn how to manage risks the right way

💡 Lesson 13. Introduction to SCRUM

  • 5 values: commitment, focus, openness, respect, courage
  • Agile Manifesto

💡 Lesson 14. SCRUM Roles and ceremonies

  • Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developers
  • Sprint, Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Reviews
  • Timeboxing

💡 Lesson 15. SCRUM Artifacts

  • Responsibilities: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Increment
  • Product Backlog
  • Product Goal
  • Sprint Backlog ad Sprint Goal
  • Finalizing Criteria

💡 Lesson 16. Assessment and reporting

  • Story points – a method for evaluating tasks
  • Poker Planning – Task Evaluation Technique
  • Burndown Chart – Graph indicator of remaining work
  • Burnup Chart – Completion rate
  • Cone of uncertainty
  • Technical debt

💥 As a result:

You will understand how to manage the backlog / how to set a goal / how to evaluate the quality of an intermediate result
You will learn how to create and read reports and evaluate user stories and

💡 Lesson 17. Basics of communications

  • 5 Rules for Effective Communication
  • Effective communication technology from special services
  • Conflict map
  • Persuasion technology
  • Spiral of trust

💡 Lesson 18. Managing external and internal communications and emotions

  • Communication noise
  • Communication channels
  • Working with stakeholders

💥 As a result:

Communication is one of the main skills of the PM. You will learn how to set up a team so that you can build long-term relationships with each person. You will learn how to create a responsibility matrix and register of stakeholders

💡 Lesson 19. Project finalization

  • Does every project end?
  • Stages of closing a project
  • What can go wrong
  • Data archiving and documentation of results

💡 Lesson 20. Pitch and project defense

  • What is pitching and why do we need it
  • Types of pitching and preparation for it
  • 5 rules for good pitching
  • Protection of the project in different industries

💥 As a result:

Properly prepared pitching will bring you the result you expect. Learn how to prepare for pitching in a structured and concise manner