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Message from the XLearner team

The official statement of our company.

Please do not take this text as a press release for show. Everything you read below is written sincerely. With pain and faith.

For seven years we have been building a company that is the pride of Ukraine. We started with a small room in Kyiv for 4 people. Now 400 employees work in all Xlearner projects.

We opened a beautiful large office in Kyiv and a small cozy one in Kharkov. And over the past two years, we have launched offices in Budapest, Warsaw, Istanbul, Bucharest and Prague. We work with local lecturers who conduct courses in Turkish, Polish, Romanian and other languages.

In the European market, we are worthy of competing with local educational companies and with the “monsters” of online learning Coursera and Udemy. We are building ambitious plans for expansion into the markets of Latin America and Asia.

We developed rapidly until February 24, 2022. Creating online courses is truly a dream job, trust us.

War came into our lives. Russia attacked Ukraine. Is it possible to be prepared for this? No. Not a person, not a business. Nobody.
“We are under fire now, but in an hour I am ready to accept tasks,” PR manager Marina wrote in the company’s work chat. Marina at that moment was near Kharkov with her parents. There was no communication with many employees for several days … There was shock, a feeling of surrealism of what was happening and, of course, fear. Then the fear went away.

It came to an understanding that you need to save the team. And continue to do what we do best – educate people online. This is important not only for our employees and their families. This is important for Ukraine. Business in the country must work, wages must be paid. This is how we provide a reliable rear for our army.

What actions have we have taken:


  • saved jobs for all employees
  • keep paying salaries
  • the team works remotely in full mode
  • created a volunteer headquarters that helps our employees move around Ukraine and settle (including abroad)
  • we are launching a set of courses in a record targeting European countries, the USA, Canada and the CIS (except Russia and Belarus). These are courses from our catalog in Russian and Ukrainian
  • we develop local European offices is an export activity, our contribution to the inflow of foreign currency to Ukraine
  • involve employees in volunteer activities

Since February 24, we have stopped selling our courses in Russia and Belarus.

This is an understandable solution that does not require further explanation in the modern world.

Ukraine will win and prosper. Each of us will make every effort to achieve this.