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How can a SMM manager earn from $7000/month in 2023


SMM is a direction in which you will very quickly reach a stable income, even if you have only recently completed training. There are two oprions:

  • as a beginner, you feed your own impostor syndrome for a long time and start making decent money only after a few years;
  • you study a lot, practice, gain experience every month, are not afraid of large projects, and within a few months after the course, you will reach a stable $7000/month.

What does a beginner need to confidently and quickly move up the career ladder? First of all, a strategic vision and a clear growth plan.

Let’s talk in detail how a novice SMM manager can make a big leap in the profession.

What is the difference between an SMM specialist and an SMM manager?

This is the first question you need to deal with when choosing a career advancement strategy. Digital professions allow you to choose the path of development yourself. This has its pros and cons. The disadvantage is that no one thinks things out for you. This is not a plant where, when you come as a junior specialist, you clearly see your way to the head of the department. Here you need to connect your thinking, build on your own desires and capabilities. Paradox, but the advantage is the same. Nobody puts you in the box.

So, the first step is choosing a direction:

  • An SMM specialist is a person who promotes commercial accounts of small brands. He knows promotion trends in social networks, forms a plan and creates content himself. Also, the specialist needs to communicate with the audience, collect feedback and adapt the content plan to the needs of subscribers. Immediately after basic training, you can work as an SMM specialist. This is a good opportunity to hone the acquired knowledge in practice and delve deeply into Social Media Marketing.
  • An SMM manager is a specialist who has gained experience, learned how to do everything with his own hands and is ready to manage a team to promote a business in social networks. This is a leadership position. The manager works with contractors, develops a long-term promotion strategy, sets KPIs and reports to the CMO, CEO or business owner on the work done.

You have a choice: get better at content generation and become a great specialist, or become a strong leader and take on more responsibility. Let’s figure out which option you earn more.

Which position is more profitable in terms of income: SMM manager vs. SMM specialist

Earnings depend on the type of work. How can SMM manager earn? SMM specialists often work remotely. This person does not need to delve into the overall strategy for promoting the company on the Internet. It is enough to receive specific technical specifications from marketers and perform well-defined tasks with high quality. In this option, the specialist receives payment either for a month or for a specific number of completed tasks. Choose what suits you best.

The manager has a fixed rate per project. Often experienced professionals set their own cost. Based on cases, experience and concrete results that it can bring to the company. This is an employee who is deeply immersed in the processes of the company. Often present at meetings with managers and himself holds meetings with subordinates. The manager is an experienced SMM, so word of mouth works well here. Clients to whom you have already brought results are ready to recommend you. If you further package yourself and build a personal brand, businesses will line up to partner with you. Of course, if you really work efficiently and bring results.

What are the requirements for an SMM manager for companies willing to pay from $7000/month.

  1. Strategic thinking. The ability to look to the future and plan ahead is important.
  2. Customer focus. Understanding that customers are the main “fuel” of the business and the ability to work with them.
  3. Leadership skills. Nobody wants to teach specialists what to do. The employer needs professionals who themselves say what is right.
  4. Clear KPIs. Coming to a position, a highly paid specialist must show what results he can bring to the business, and immediately identify them.
  5. “Sense of beauty”. It’s about taste. It is important for an SMM to have good taste. How to achieve this? Watching and tracking trends will help you.

How can an SMM manager increase the average bill of their services?

  • Regularly attend highly specialized courses.
  • Read books on SMM and complex internet marketing.
  • Follow social media promotion trends.
  • Attend specialized conferences.
  • Pack your services well.
  • Show that you really bring results to the business.
  • Use networking to find the right contacts.
  • Upgrade soft-skills.
  • Regularly expand the arsenal of your services.
  • Always give more than you promise.

Start Your Journey Today!

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Is there a demand for highly paid specialists in the market?

If you minimally analyzed the niche, you could form an opinion that the competition is very high. Dozens of SMM courses. Hundreds of graduates each. It seems that there are fewer brands on the market than specialists, so it’s too late to climb into the profession. Reality says otherwise. Indeed, there is a lot of training and graduates. But the truth is that there are still few really cool specialists. Those who really succeed, quickly move up the career ladder. They grow up to marketing directors, open their own agencies or their own Internet businesses. And those who, after the first course for 3 weeks, shout at every corner that they are super-specialists – quickly leave the niche, because they do not achieve anything.

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