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No-code constructor that will allow web designers absolute creative freedom

We bet you’ve seen these memes about layouts before and after layout. And we sincerely sympathize if you yourself became the heroes of such situations. And what if we say that you can quickly revive any design and create a site down to the pixel as it was intended, without the involvement of developers?

Well, we present to you another contender for a place in the heart of a Ukrainian web designer! Let’s understand what 3.5 million creative industry specialists from different parts of the world have found in this platform.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is an all-in-one platform for building sites without writing code. It combines the capabilities of a traditional designer, a content management system and, in fact, a talented developer. The service was created taking into account the needs of professional web designers and allows them to independently create interactive sites without programming. How does it work? A specialist can transfer ready-made layouts to the project, for example from Figma, or create a visual in the internal interface. Meanwhile, the system is busy with the technical component and generates the necessary code. With the help of Webflow, you can quickly and efficiently design a web interface, landing page, blog, corporate site, or online store and optimize the product for marketing tasks. Let’s take a closer look at the main components of the platform: design interface, content management system, hosting, marketing tools and e-commerce.

Designer interface

Webflow Designer is a unique hybrid interface that is both Photoshop and HTML/CSS automation tool. The tool panel is quite complex and can scare those who previously worked, for example, in Tilda. However, a huge number of various parameters, settings and useful features provide unlimited freedom of creative thought. To make it easier to get used to the new functionality, you should first “play” with ready-made templates – they are high-quality and detailed here, by the way. You will definitely want to pay special attention to the animation tools when using it. It is absolutely possible to make it move or transform any element of your design — the platform even has the magic of 3D-motion. There is also a separate “Interactive” panel that allows you to create animation of user interaction with the interface. And all this is built into one editor!

Content management system

With Webflow CMS, you can change text and multimedia content right at the time of page development. Also, the system allows you to integrate custom types of content without additional plugins, which will greatly facilitate the life of owners of large-scale web projects with a complex structure. You can create collections and edit hundreds of pages at once, and share editing access with clients, partners, and team members. Here, the interface is as simple and intuitive as possible, so you will not have to spend time on additional training of colleagues. After mastering basic web design skills, even beginners can show high-level results with this platform.

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Hosting from Webflow is based on the powerful infrastructure of Amazon Cloudfront and Fastly services. Therefore, sites created on the platform can be easily scaled and will fit even the needs of large corporations. And the download will take literally a few seconds in any corner of the world, because Webflow uses a built-in CDN content delivery system. This means that the site is loaded from the geographically closest server. This hosting is literally built for heavy loads: an advanced distribution scheme will ensure reliable operation 24/7. In addition, each published project is automatically provided with an SSL certificate, that is, it meets global security standards.

SEO optimization

In addition to basic SEO settings, Webflow offers users the ability to create a sitemap. It’s a file with structure information that helps search engines better understand how you’ve arranged everything there. And if your site is well organized — and with Webflow you can’t do otherwise — the chances of it appearing at the top of the search results increase significantly. Also, the service can automatically create meta tags and descriptions based on the data you enter. And if an error suddenly appears somewhere, you will receive a notification about it thanks to the in-build analysis system. That is, you will not need to involve third-party services for marketing optimization.

E-commerce: functions of an online store

Webflow E-commerce features are still under development, but the platform already has almost everything to quickly create an online store without programming. Here you can manage goods, communicate with customers, create order forms, etc. For comparison, on the same Wix, you will have to spend a lot of time and have coding skills to develop detailed e-commerce elements. In the next updates, the developers plan to add the setting of coupons and discounts, the recovery of abandoned carts, and the creation of personal user accounts. Something tells us that soon the service will expand the list of commercial tools and, quite possibly, will compete even with such powerful players as Shopify.

Tariffs for Webflow

The most pleasant thing about creating a site on Webflow is that using all the platform’s features is absolutely free until the project is published. But when you are ready to show your creation to the world, the most interesting part begins. Webflow has an extended tariff system, because the authors tried to take into account various combinations of user needs. There are two main types of subscriptions: site plans and workspaces.

Site plans are more suitable for those who plan to create one project and develop it. The gradation of prices here depends on the bandwidth of the site, the number of editors, and the number of possible user interactions with the site. Workspaces are designed for professional developers and product teams who deal with many projects at the same time. The cost of such plans is formed by other parameters: the number of participants and sites, the possibility of custom programming, code export, etc.

After registration, each user automatically gets access to the free Starter Site plan and Starter Workspace. Next, you can choose the tariff that will perfectly suit your request. The most popular and optimal Site plan “CMS” will cost $23 per month. And workspace subscriptions will cost from $19 per month.

Key advantages of the platform

  • Free access. The full functionality of the platform is freely available for testing. You will have to pay money only when publishing the site.
  • Professional interface. It is a serious tool for web development that allows you to work in an advanced graphic editor with simultaneous access to a database.
  • Creative freedom. No typical templates with limited editing capabilities. Here you can design the site of your dreams: at least from scratch, at least transfer a ready-made layout, for example, from Figma.
  • Adaptive layout. The projects you create are automatically adapted to different devices.
  • SEO. Webflow offers tools for qualitative optimization of your product for marketing tasks.
  • Export code. Quality clean Webflow code can be extracted and used off-platform.
  • Quality hosting. Powerful Amazon Cloudfront and Fastly infrastructure, CDN system and SSL certificate so that your site works smoothly, loads in seconds and is completely safe to use.
  • Quick and easy startup. You can publish a site in test mode under the webflow.io domain, or create your own unique URL in a few minutes.


Webflow is a professional platform for building and launching sites that fits perfectly into today’s no-code trend. It is one of the most advanced online builders on the market, allowing absolute creative freedom with a relative minimum of effort. If you plan to build stunning creative sites, this powerful hybrid is definitely worth a try!

The service has a very rich toolbar, so beginners should, of course, prepare to learn. The website of the platform has additional educational materials — about 400 illustrated blog articles. However, they are not adapted for the Ukrainian user and will not be able to replace full training with practice and professional support.

If your eyes are burning and you want to break into the development of sites, but you don’t know where to start mastering Webflow, follow the links below and catch a wave of useful information on the topic.

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