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Become a qualified SMM manager and targeting specialist with an income from $8,000 monthly in 2.5 months

SSM-Manager Course

This SMM course is right for you if you are:

Ambitious Person

You want to learn a new profession with a good salary, the opportunity to work remotely and enjoy the process. Ready to learn fruitfully 2 months.


You are studying social media marketing course online yourself or want to send your employees for training.

Practicing SMM Specialist

You understand that it’s time to improve your skills and become a sought-after specialist, who is “hunted” by large brands.

Marketing Director

You want to level up in the field of SMM courses online in order to better manage specialists, understand what tasks to set in order to get the best results.

How much can you earn:

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What to expect on the SMM course:

social media marketing course online

Practical homework

You immediately hone the acquired knowledge in practice. Already on the course, you also gain the experience necessary to work with the first clients.


Practicing trainers

You learn from people with many years of experience who work with large companies, track trends in the profession and sort knowledge into an understandable algorithm.

social media marketing course online

Training at a convenient time for you

The lessons are on the educational platform. You can customize your training according to your schedule.

social media marketing course online

Diploma or certificate

Upon completion of the training, you receive a diploma (in case of successful completion of all homeworks and passing the test). This will also greatly increase your chances of successful employment.

social media marketing course online

Opportunity to learn from scratch

The course is useful for both practicing SMM specialists and beginners who hear about this profession for the first time. You can start after completing the course, even if you don’t know anything about SMM right now.


Personal mentor

You are assigned a person who leads you through training. The curator is ready to help you on all issues – from the learning process to the analysis of the material itself. You feel supported and get help.

What exactly you will learn?​









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What students say about SMM training at XLEARNER?


2020 showed that business should be in social networks. Entrepreneurs have understood this, but there are few really cool SMM managers on the market.

Yes. The first two blocks of the program are designed to give understanding and perspectives of the profession for a beginner. Experts with experience can structure their knowledge and fill in gaps.

The lectures are recorded and will be available throughout the year. You can come back and review at any time if you forgot something.

Yes, the course will help to completely pump and structure knowledge. You get knowledge from top speakers, which you can immediately apply in your practice.

Lectures in recording and Live format will be held 2 times a week in the evening. The duration of the course is 2.5 months.

Homework and a test are provided for each topic of the course. Upon completion of the course, a thesis.

No, only having completed perfectly 80% of the tasks, you receive a Diploma of successful completion of the course. If you do less, can retake the final exam. If you fail – you do not receive a certificate.

An SMM specialist is exactly the profession in which after the course you can immediately start working, you do not need any additional courses or wait for some time. If you successfully complete all the practical, then the result will be in 2 months and by the end of the course you will be able to find your first client.

You get access for exactly one year. This time is definitely enough to complete all the lessons.

The certificate confirms your level of a highly qualified specialist. And gives you possibility to be in our list of professionals. This can guarantee you a long list of clients.

Master the trend of highly paid digital profession from scratch



Book a discounted price and connect to a limited group


💡 Lesson 1. From point A to point B

  • Basic concepts and place of SMM among Internet marketing tools
  • Place of work of a SMM specialist – from freelance to agency
  • SMM competencies of a specialist and professions in which they can develop
  • SMM mindset of a specialist – common mistakes in communication with a customers

💡 Lesson 2. Overview of SMM tools

  • Facebook (Meta), Instagram – types of content, paid and free types of promotion
  • Tiktok and basic work its algorithms
  • FAQ about common problems and questions
  • Trends and anti-trends of 2022 – 2023
  • Telegram as an amazing hybrid messenger
💡 Lesson 3. Preparing Facebook Instagram for work
  • What are the pages and profiles in these social networks
  • What is the difference between user and business accounts
  • Creating and linking a business account
  • Functional, content formats, interface and pitfalls

💥 As a result:

You will look at SMM as a part of Internet marketing and understand what kind of SMM specialist a business really needs. You will find out what formats and methods of promotion work best today. Already in this module you will create a business account and test the functionality.

💡 Lesson 4. SMM copywriting

  • Three fundamental rules of selling through texts
  • User psychology – what you need to know, before you start writing

💡 Lesson 5. Sales text anatomy

  • How to write titles that are clicked on. Lead in texts. What,  why and what it should be
  • Selling argumentation. How to turn features into benefits. How to present the price correctly. Why do we need guarantees

💡 Lesson 6. What is a customer avatar

  • Who is the target audience and how to find it
  • How to make a client avatar
  • What are the types of audience and how to work with them

💡 Lesson 7. Content plan

  • Why and for whom we create content
  • What is a content strategy
  • What is tone of voice. What types of content are there
  • Where to get ideas from: how a rubricator is developed, compose content plan, write texts

💡 Lesson 8. Storytelling

  • What is storytelling
  • The basics of successful storytelling
  • How to choose themes and platforms
  • Copywriting and storytelling – as part of PR and brand

💥 As a result:

You will learn how to create a competent content plan, create an avatar of an ideal client and learn how to sell through texts. Understand where to get ideas for posts and how to choose topics so that all works.

💡 Lesson 9. Trends

  • What are the trends in 2022?
  • Where to get ideas?
  • Which tools work and which are obsolete
  • 8 Rules for Social Media and Branding

💡 Lesson 10. Work with applications for creating posts and stories

  • Practical task on creating creatives
  • An overview of the main application tools
  • Creating stories and templates for posts in the feed of mobile applications

💡 Lesson 11. Video editing basics for stories

  • Practical task on creating creatives
  • Video editing basics for stories
  • Video creation in mobile applications (Android and IOS)

💡 Lesson 12. Work in services Canva, Crello, Supa

  • Parsing interfaces
  • Practice and creation of creativity using services

💥 As a result:

You will have a powerful practice in creating creatives and videos for stories using special services and mobile applications. Learn how to make a post template. Understand what are the trends in social networks today and how to correctly use them for your business

💡 Lesson 13. The concept of targeted advertising – the basic principles of work

  • Targeted advertising – understanding
  • How an advertising campaign works
  • Audience for advertising
  • Funnel examples
    services used by the targetologist
  • Tricks for successful work successful advertising

💡 Lesson 14. Ads Manager and Business Manager Facebook

  • Practice – how to work

💡 Lesson 15. Setting up an advertising campaign for the purpose of conversion

  • Setting up an advertising campaign for the purpose of conversion

💡 Lesson 16. Setting up an advertising campaign for the purpose of lead generation and traffic

  • Setting up an advertising campaign for the purpose of lead generation and traffic

💡 Lesson 17. Analytics and optimization of advertising campaigns

  • Advertising analytics. Principles of optimization of advertising campaigns

💥 As a result:

You will learn how to set up advertising campaigns so that you get as much targeted traffic and applications as possible. Understand how to analyze and optimize them later to improve conversion and reduce the cost of a lead

💡 Lesson 18. Preparation for cooperation

  • What is influence marketing and who are influencers
  • Stages of cooperation with bloggers
  • How not to make a mistake in choosing a blogger
  • Pros and cons of native and open advertising with bloggers
  • How to write an effective selling offer for blogger subscribers
  • Which channel to choose – posts, stories, reels, live to get results

💡 Lesson 19. Organization and analysis of work with a blogger

  • What blogger scale to choose for advertising – from 1000
  • Platforms for finding bloggers
  • Blogger Analysis for Collaboration
  • How bloggers cheat
  • What must be discussed before cooperation
  • Compiling the right terms of reference for a blogger

💥 As a result:

You will figure out which bloggers you need and check if they are really suitable for your business goal. You will be able to analyze the work of an influencer before and after cooperation. Prepare your page to work with a blogger. Make a competent selling offer for subscribers and terms of reference for an influencer.

💡 Lesson 20. SMM in marketplaces

  • What is a marketplace
  • SMM department in a large corporation
  • Framework OKR
  • Tools that are used in the work

💡 Lesson 21. Promotion strategy – selection of advertising views for the brand

  • Types of promotion
  • 4 main steps in the promotion strategy
  • The main funnel for creating an effective strategy and its stages
  • H2H marketing

💡 Lesson 22. SMM Strategy

  • What is SMM strategy
  • What difficulties may arise and how to overcome them
  • 7 tasks you need to complete to build a competent strategy

💥 As a result:

You will build an effective SMM strategy step by step. You will be able to choose the right tools and types of promotion for a particular business. Find out in advance what difficulties may arise in the process and how to prevent them.

💡 Lesson 23. How not to lose face in front of the customer

  • 15 practical tips from SMM XBrider Agency
  • Classic mistakes of newbies in SMM
  • Building correct positioning
  • Handling possible objections and claims

💡 Lesson 24. How to improve your chances of getting an interview and how to write the right resume

  • Where and how to find the first customers? How to process them?
  • We make an atypical resume to increase the chances of getting an interview
  • Actual and forgotten sources of vacancies for beginners
  • As part of the experiment, the speaker passed 3/3 of the interviews without using cases
  • Speaker’s notes for many years of experience in finding and hiring SMM specialists

💥 As a result:

You will learn where and how to find your first clients. You will understand how to sell your services to the customer so that he sees you as a partner and agrees to your terms of cooperation. To do this, you will learn how to properly.

💡 Lesson 25. Chat bots (practice)

  • The main functionality of chat bots:  mailings,  keywords,  integration into advertising,  integration of the bot with other services
  • Mabychat. Platform for Facebook
  • Overview PRO tools
  • Funnel in bots. Analysis on the example of specific cases

💥 As a result:

You will learn how to work with all social platforms to combine promotion channels and create a truly powerful online marketing strategy. You will see on specific cases what is better to use for a particular type of business.